Open Call - Venice Biennale

Venice, IT


Estatus: Concurso

Today's events, such as Brexit, the Refugee Crisis, the USA Muslim-Ban, and the Border Wall between USA and Mexico bring the topic of borders between nations and ideas to mind. We live in a world in which, thanks to technology and globalization, some barriers are being torn while due to apathy and intolerance others are being built. A discussion must be had. 


We want to cover the whole site designated for the Project with coloured gravel. The initial limit set by the border of the installation gives an idea of a delimited space, the user is either inside or outside the pavilion. The exchange of ideas between nations, such as the one that take place in international events as the Biennale, blur boundaries; in this occasion signified by the transit of visitors to the Biennale. This will start to spread the coloured gravel and make for an ever-changing installation. 


The installation will start using the entirety of the site proposed for the Project. However, as time passes and visitors transit over it, the installation will take a different and unknown form.  This plays with the idea of an opening ceremony and initial installation of events like the Biennale, in which curators, artist and exhibitors put up information that best represent them but do not know where these ideas or knowledge will end up once and evolve the event starts. From the initial stage in May 26th to the last day on November 25th the installation will keep evolving thanks to visitors acting as cross-pollinators. 

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