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There is a long history of seating in Mexico. While travelling the country one encounters countless people in rocking chairs looking at passersby on the street, which created a sense of community. Many of these chairs have become impregnated in the Mexican imaginary, two of these chairs are the “tu & yo” and the “Silla Acapulco”. 


The “tu & yo” chair is native to the southern city of Mérida in Yucatán and dates back to 1915. Its said that it was designed by a jealous father so that his daughter and her betrothed could go to the main plaza and seat opposite each other, looking each other in the eyes, but keeping a safe distance. 


The iconic “Silla Acapulco” originated in its namesake city in the 50s and due to its permeable and refreshing design quickly grew in fame and usage. Nowadays it serves as a reminder of the golden days in which Acapulco served as a getaway for the rich and famous. Its colorful design and weaving technique has had multiple reinterpretations in modern days and can be seen now in many cafés around the country. 


The chair we design needs two users to seat alongside and facing each other. Without the other person there is no balance rendering it useless. This illustrates a sense of interdependency between people and encourages dialogue and openness. We are a social being and need each other. With dialogue and communication, we can move forward. 


Tu & Yo 

You & I 

U N I 


With the chair we try to represent the interdependence between Mexico and the United States. A relationship that has always existed but that at times becomes turbulent or misrepresented. This sense of duality could be then extrapolated to represent more opposites. 


Republican & Democrat 

Left & Right 

Right & Wrong 

Before & After 

Big & Small 

Hot & Cold 

Yes & No 

In & Out 

Up & Down 

Night & Day 

Alone & Together 


We propose to have the chair armature produced in Monterrey, a city historically associated with steel manufacturing, and together with the PVC-wire ship them to NYC to be assembled on site with local timber, thus becoming a product of the relationship between the two countries. Together we are stronger.  

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