Village Tech

Arlington, TX


Estatus: Diseño

Expuesto en el simposium REVERB 2017 en Nueva Orleans

The School should be like a Greenhouse. It will nurture and help students grow in a safe environment before sending them out into the world as men and women of good standing, as important members of their communities. 

The School should be a place for self discovery. What could be a simple corridor grows to become a gallery that twists and turns in the hope of encouraging chance encounters between students. The gallery contains all public programs while the private program, like classrooms and labs, is hidden in the surrounding garden with private courtyards that are revealed as you venture down the gallery.

A gentle and subtle slope leads the student further down the site and through every stage of his Academic Formation; from Kindergarden, close to the entrance at the top of the site, to High School, at the end of the gallery. 

Every building is an individual piece that responds to the specific function the program requires and the necessities each student has in every stage of his Academic Formation. 

Eventually when the student reaches High School he will be able to look back at his journey through the school. 

A school that changes with you;

An envelope that suits your needs.

In every turn a new thing to learn.

A school in which you look forward to those rainy days.

An ever-present learning environment:

A building that in itself teaches the cycles of nature.

A place where you explore and discover.

A lantern for the community;

A school for all.

© 2019 by atelier uno

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