Warming Huts Competition

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Estatus: Concurso

Mapping human warmth. 

A celebration of the impact of the festival. 

A daily recount of the day’s activities.


During the day, a camera will track human movement on the blank canvas that is the ice. These movements will be processed into a moving thermal map that shows the “warmer” areas where people concentrate and are more used by the community. This map will be projected back into the ice at nightfall creating an ever-changing art installation that reflects human use and movement in the trail.


Where most people meet and stay will be the warmest areas, and those spaces where people don’t go will be shown as colder areas; human warmth will be mapped and become physical through the projection, generating space. At the end of the day people can sit down and look at everything that happened that day, or be immersed in the show of lights. This show of lights reminiscent of northern lights will become a testament of how the community uses the space and visual proof of The Fork’s usage.

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